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The Way We Do Business

     Uniqueness and creativity are the hallmarks by which we appraise the products Blossom imports from the United States and sell in our market. Most of the products we discover and introduce to our market are very new and unknown to consumers upon their debut in Japan.
     Because of their uniqueness and effectiveness, these new products create totally new demand in the market that did not exist before, such as plastic golf spikes, synthetic golf grip, or magically cooled towel.
     Thus, we owe greatly to the imaginative entrepreneurs in the United States who make their original products with an abundance of ingenuity. We are highly proud of the close business relationships we maintain with these excellent companies and at the same time, we feel strongly responsible for meeting their expectation in being the competent exclusive distributor of their products in Japan.


Kankichi Itani
CEO of Blossom Co., Ltd.